At KardZee we know the power of Instagram . . .
when it's done right

We prefer Instagram because it tells a story - your story.

2019 is the year of personalization, storytelling and sharing your journey. A professional, relevant, consistent feed that has great content, the right hashtags, and targets the right people will increase your value to your Clients and Followers. You want all of your Followers to feel like they know you. Content is key.

How it Works.

In our 6 Touch Programs, every card you send in a Campaign has an email clone sent to your client, confirming they received your card. They also get a Social link so they can share your card on their Social wall. Suddenly you have reached a whole new audience organically, and all you did was send a card. PLUS it’s an opportunity to touch them again by sharing their post in YOUR feed. Having this cohesive story across all channels is what effective omnichannel marketing is all about.

We offer two monthly choices for Instagram.

In our 30 minute on-boarding call, we go thru the info we need from you to get started. We are excited to help you! - Team KardZee


$495 mo

  • No monthly contract
  • Engagement & Posting
  • 4 - 5 posts per week
  • Includes Content Creation

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