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Relationships matter. Send real cards that congratulate, reward, inspire, engage and deepen relationships with a message written in your own handwriting anywhere, anytime! We print and mail cards for you.

KardZee Mobile App, API and Web Server platform for B2B and B2C. Create and send tangible marketing media and lifestyle cards that overcome the white noise of digital communications. Real printed and mailed cards for success, referral and relationship marketing. Help your business message stand out from the competition. Personal cards for your everyday relationships with warm handwritten messages. We are Instagram meets Hallmark.

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it's a global platform

It all starts with our KardZee Mobile App. Our Mobile App links through Google Cloud Platform to our other device platforms - API's and Web Servers. It provides a global dervice. Creating and sending cards and media from our Mobile App is simple and easy. Google Cloud Platform then provides access to card creation on laptops, desktops and tablets where you can create and send Cards, Gift Cards and Media. KardZee is about delivering traditional cards and media with the ease and speed of mobile anywhere, anytime.

KardZee Mobile App
Google Cloud links our platforms
Google Cloud manages global creation platform

For any device

Create and send cards from our mobile phone App, integrate our API's into your internal web applications or simply use KardZee Web Server on your desktop. KardZee applications are managed by Google Cloud Platform for speed, scaling, reliability and redundancy. But everything starts with our App so download it from the App Store.

KardZee mobile iOS App

Mobile iOS App card creation platform

KardZee RESTful API

Integrate API's into your applications.

Web Server

Create cards and media on any desktop.

Create and send real cards & media

Our single source platform spread across all devices provides a unique way to create and send cards and media from your mobile. Whether it's business cards and messages to help you stand out from the competition or your important life-connecting cards for friends and family. All with ease from your mobile, we have your card! You create it and we print and mail it for you.

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