Add a Gift Card

KardZee can turn digital code into real Gift Cards for personal gifts and for Business gifting.

With our patent-pending technology, we print the Gift Card right on the card. Recipients can then upload it to their mobile wallet via our texting platform. Everything is tied to your mobile phone so there is no fraud and it’s Eco too - no plastic waste!

We turn digital gift cards into real ones!

Retail Gift Cards

Retail Gift Cards are available from our mobile App and our B2B Automated Platform. And Businesses can also add their own internal Gift Cards to send Clients - why pay another provider if you already have your own.

Corporate Gift Cards

Your own Corporate Gift Card for employees and VIP clients can be printed on a KardZee. Make their reward more special, that congratulations more real. Do you ever see anyone running around the office holding up an email they just printed with their reward? Doubtful. But you would see a real card sitting on their desk or pinned to their cubby wall. A real, tangible card makes people happy. We all want happy clients and happy employees. If you are a Corporate user, you can load your own gift card into our Dashboard and create your own rewards and incentive programs. We have no hidden fees for this special feature. It’s about customer and employee loyalty and retention.

Text Platform Redemption

Our text platform helps you redeem Gift Cards and gifts simply by texting the word 'Redeem' to our Shortcode platform. Our platform technology recognizes the phone of the recipient and sends the redemption code to the phone of the receiver.