Platform Features

KardZee has many great features for B2B and B2C users that helps us stand out from our competitors.

KardZee stands out from its competitors through our partners and our features. We have many different features on our Mobile, API and Web Server platforms that will help you create and send great media and cards. Join KardZee and send FREE KardZees when you sign up.

Once you Join KardZee, your login credentials can be used for the Mobile App and the Web Server.

The Corporate login allows an Admin Manager to manage users in their corporation, add new users and delete redundant ones. Admin also allows allocation of money to users for their card payments.

KardZee captures and stores your real handwriting. By capturing a simple pangram sentence i.e. 'the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog' you can write warm messages on cards and notes. Once the App has your handwriting you can then create messages by talk-to-text or phone keyboard.

Not sure about your own handwriting? You can always choose from our stock of handwriting fonts that you can make your own.

Draw allows for messages to be written by hand in any language or draw a picture of image. Great for kids to draw a card for Grandma.

Set reminders and Alerts to never forget an important date. You can set your own dates like birthdays and anniversaries and import dates from social media. KardZee will also alert you to calendar dates and events approaching like Valentine's Day and Mother's Day etc.

Set and Forget subscription is a great way of having KardZee template cards available so you can remember to send those important cards to friends, family and business contacts. Great for B2B, we remind you of important dates.

If you want to send a Gift Card you just choose it and we print it directly onto your KardZee (Patent-Pending). The card if fraud-proof and can only be redeemed by the recipient via our Text Platform direct to the recipients phone.

KardZee can send real gifts to over 100 locations globally. Gifts are delivered locally through our partner local warehouses.

Make your cards special and unique with digital crafting by adding wallpapers and picture frames that are printed into the card.

You can upload and embed videos into your KardZee and the recipient can see iton their phones or download it to their devices. Great for weddings and birthdays or those great travel pics.

Sending a card or marketing media for business? You can add your corporate logos and branding, business cards and brochures, videos and inventory.

When you address your cards you can import your contacts form your phone, social networks or just write the address.

If you have large-run print jobs you can upload CSV and spreadsheets for mail merge of addresses, names and salutations. Whether its a single card, 100 cards or 350,000 cards in a run, we can handle it.

We print and mail for you. KardZee has redundant printing services. We work with six international mail houses to make sure your cards are sent quickly from wherever you are to anywhere else in the world.

Our texting platform manages recipient interaction. Gift cards and gifts can be redeemed, videos and marketing collateral downloaded, offers, discounts and promotions opened with a promo code and text. Our texting platform stops fraud from unauthorized persons getting cards and trying to redeem them.

We have great Augmented Reality add-ons to cards. You can make cards come to life, create anchor points for marketing and retail sales and engage users.

KardZee can provide specialized cardstock to make your cards unique and special. From cards with interesting skins and overlays, to cards that glow in the dark, are translucent, have NFC included, can be folded and unfolded and much more.