Business Holiday Season Card Offers

We save you time and money sending your clients real printed and posted Holiday Cards.

Send a KardZee Holiday Card that stands out from the rest. You can add a personalized handwritten message and a video or other links including social content and comment. Our automated platform creates cards on demand. You just send us your intended recipient list - name - email - street address and phone contact - we do the rest. Here is what makes our cards so much better and great value:

Pricing for Holiday Cards - Save up to 50%

You can order your Holiday cards Here

Real cards that warm hearts

Real Cards we print and mail with an email e-card version - and upload to client social wall.

A message in your own handwriting using our tech
Real tri-fold card printed on high-quality 130lb silk matte card stock
Mailed in a clear, luxury, bio-degradable, USPS approved envelope
Added video link with a message from you or other holiday styled video
Add a "gift to you" discount offer, your own company gift card or a branded gift card such as Amazon
e-Card clone sent to your recipient to upload the card to their social walls and on yours
Email version that supports the tangible card to further engage and manage contact
Your card becomes more than a card, it is an interactive experience in the receivers' hands.

-- Luxury branded card design --

We designed this card to show a strong luxury brand with seasonal message.
Our cards tell a story to the recipient and their social group creating awareness for your brand.

-- Add a Gift or Gift Card --

Add a branded Gift Card or Gift that are printed directly onto the card. We can use your own images or our stock images.

-- Real cards with a digital and social footprint --

After the real card has been posted and received we send the recipient an e-card version that they can upload to their social walls.

-- Business branded card design --

This design highlighted an owner's fashion style and store with an added in-store Gift Card with the next purchase. Whatever you want.

Your clients deserve more - give it to them

We automate your holiday card outreach to send real cards supported by emails and social uploads to client walls.

We help you create and design Holiday cards with messages of appreciation and thanks. Create a bond between you and your clients. High-quality, thoughtful cards with messages in your handwriting using our technology. Take the opportunity to add a Call-to-Action. Offer clients a reward or discount for their patronage and loyalty, all for just a few dollars each. Once your client gets their card we send them an e-card version by email so they can upload it to their social wall. Now you've reached a whole new audience organically. These are all things large print houses don't do for you. KardZee creates, publishes and managaes your cards.

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