KardZee Business Marketing

Hi-Quality tangible media interwoven with digital and social outreach! Every $1 spent on printed direct marketing returns $12.57+ in ROI. We help businesses market to other businesses and to their clients. Our cards provide a gateway to business and client interaction.

To reach clients in this over-saturated digital world you need strategic omni-channel outreach. KardZee provides real solutions to get noticed, seen and heard using our Automated Engagement Platform. We cut through the overcrowded space to save time, effort and money and drive ongoing retention and referral sales. Whether it is single cards multiplied many times or large volume automated client campaigns, we provide real tangible solutions supported by digital and social outreach inherent in each card.

Our patent-pending automated outreach platform provides a minimum of 6-Touchpoints - whether that is for a specific length campaign or for the whole year, keeping clients warm, close and in the loop. And we do it from as little as $5 a client per campaign.