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KardZee is changing the way the world creates and sends real greeting cards, postcards and gift cards. We enable you to create beautiful, personal cards for your important life-connecting moments, all from your mobile device, in your own handwriting with our patent-pending technology. We print and post them for you.

KardZee stands out from other online and traditional card vendors by having features such as a gift card printed on the greeting card and the ability to learn your own handwriting. Be a part of the KardZee community and earn KardZee rewards while having fun, being creative and sending your greeting cards and postcards. Download our iPhone App below (Android coming soon) and see our KardZee Video.


with your own real handwritten message

your real handwriting shows others you care
KardZee is different - we have patent pending technology to actually capture your real handwriting direct from your device screen

KardZee learns your actual handwriting. Write a few simple sentences on your mobile device screen using your finger or stylus to create your own personal font. When you create a card you can write messages by hand or use your smartphone voice controls or keyboard and it writes the message in your exact handwriting style. We never ask for your signature and no one can hack your own font.

Now you are ready to create your KardZee message. Some of life’s moments are too important and too personal and require something special. Something that came from YOU. KardZee helps you deliver that unique, personal touch all while saving you time and effort.






you can add a gift card or gift

we print gift cards directly onto your cards (patent pending)


You can add a KardZee Amazon Gift Card and shop Amazon or purchase individual Store GiftCards for online or in-store purchases.







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KardZee's are printed on the finest matte silk paper to make your cards come alive. The cost of printing and domestic postage is included in your KardZee purchase. International mailing costs are calculated at USPS International rates and we post at six International posthouses. Check our prices for cards and postage below






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Every KardZee is printed with a QR code on the back. When your KardZee is received, the recipient simply scans the QR code and an electronic copy of their KardZee is emailed to them. They can easily upload it to any social network wall and can say to their friends: “Hey! Look what I got!”