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KardZee is a community of like minded users where you can source and share cards and images, stories and ideas. KardZee Community is coming soon.


User Galleries

KardZee users can publish up to 25 images and photographs in our Community Galleries where other KardZee users can use them for KardZee Rewards.

KardZee Locations

Every time you take a KardZee on your phone or camera we capture the location so other users can see where you took your great photos.


This is where the best voted and most used KardZee images can be found.

Rewards and Credits

Earn rewards and credits every time youy create and send a KardZee, tell a friend or publish images that are used by other members.

We support and help

KardZee supports community

KardZee supports our local community and yours. We provide KardZee programs to aid communities and earn money. This includes KardZee School were we provide discounted cards to schools who raise money through parent purchases. KardZee also provides reduced cost KardZee printing and posting for our Military when you donate your credits and rewards and KardZee provides the rest free.

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thank you for your support
I am an expatriate Canadian and I love sending my family and friends great photos of Sydney on postcards. Eva Adamson, Australia
Using KardZee is simple and fun and I use it for all of my card sending. David Austin, San Francisco
I love KardZee. I get reminders and can send flowers and gift cards with my cards. Natalie Barnes, Los Angeles
I travel a lot for business and using KardZee helps me send thank you notes to clients as well as keeping me in touch with my upcoming events. Thomas Bishop, London