about us

at KardZee we turn 'likes' into 'loves'


KardZee loves real physical cards - sending them and receiving them – knowing that we are brightening someone’s day. And we also value the charm and warmth of a handwritten message on a card.

KardZee was created from my own personal need. I was traveling but needed to send a special card to a family member. I spent three hours looking for a card, buying a stamp and posting it. I found online card providers but none of them offered the warmth of a handwritten message. I thought “there has to be a better way”.

There is - KardZee. Imagine how easy it will be to send a real, handwritten card from your mobile device, anytime, anywhere. You can show that you care, but don’t have to spend three hours doing it. Thanks for reading this, it is appreciated!

Have FUN and express yourself! - Keverne Denahan CEO and Founder

we lead the way technology meets human touch

Our advantages

  1. Our Team

    We have a great team of professional fun people who love cards and the written word. We come from engineering, marketing, advertising and cards. Some of us are in our third successful start-up.

  2. Our Passion

    We are committed to disrupting the way the world buys and creates real printed and posted cards. Our passion comes from personal experience. We believe mobile technology can provide solutions to our everyday obligations and needs constrained by time and opportunity. Our motto is 'Git-'er-Done'

  3. Our Technology

    KardZee has four patents pending that make us different from every other provider and product. We provide real handwriting capture in most languages not just screen capture. We also created Games Cards, Music Cards and the right to print Gift Cards directly onto Greeting Cards.

about my story

KardZee came from my own story - Keverne


The Story Exchange: info@thestoryexchange.org is celebrating the completion of a 50 country 1,000 Story campaign from women in business. It is the largest database and story collection from women globally and I was lucky to be selected to tell the world - My Story.

Through the 1,000 story campaign many selected women gave their stories about the visibility of women in business - the challenges we faced and how we could make substantial contributions to our families, communities and to the entire global economy. I feel lucky and privileged to be chosen and to have the oportunity of telling my story. Check out 1000 Stories at the Story Exchange below and see my story Here.