KardZee B2B and B2C Marketing

Tangible media and messages work! Every $1 spent on printed direct marketing returns $12.57 in ROI. We help businesses market to other businesses and to consumers.

KardZee B2B products are immediate and instantaneous. Created on your mobile or our API and Web Server, with your own handwriting, your own images, your own branding, on your own time. KardZee gives you tangible media marketing tools that are different from everybody else. We help your business stand out from competitors and the white noise of digital messages.

B2B marketing cards and printed media help you stand out from the competition, but not just because it’s a real piece of mail. KardZee’s are more personal than just a regular piece of direct mail. It’s about how you create the card, the images you choose, what you write and that you took the time. And did you know, that real printed cards cards delivered as mail outperform all digital channels combined by nearly 600%?

Response from direct printed cards and media is 27%+ than digital communications because TOUCH creates perceived value and worth. If you have clients, prospects and employees, KardZee helps you deepen those relationships.

KardZee has strategic B2B campaigns to engage with clients and prospects to keep those relationships warm. Send, engage, repeat. Simple but effective programs to retain clients, deep relationships and get referrals.

Our Set and Forget Reminders keep you up-to-date with your engagement obligations. You will never forget an important occasion, date or event.

Strategic B2B and B2C Campaigns

Real Estate Marketing Tools with Strategic Campaigns.

Real Estate is an important industry sedctor and the need for tangible media is growing. With more than 34% of all sales coming from referral and leveraged relationships, fostering engagement with clients is vital.. KardZee provides real tools for Capture, Engagement, Success, Closure and Referral marketing.

Sponsored Travel Postcards.

Provide branding opportunities to Corpoirations who want to get their branding across. Sponsored cards can include offers, discounts and marketing collateral of the sponsor. Sponsored cards reduce the cost of the card to the sender and it opens leveraged marketing

Direct Marketing Media.

Create and send real B2B and B2C marketing materials. KardZee provides an economic solution to low-run tailored cards for all types of direct mail marketing. We print and can mail for you or print and send to the sender.

Send Business Greeting Cards.

Keep engaged with clients when you send KardZee Greeting Cards. Cards can include warm message sin your own handwriting, gift cards and promjotions to bring customers and clients back to your business.