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Client Portfolio Engagement

We are the #1 Auto Engagement Platform driving retention and referral sales across Dealership Client Portfolios. We focus on Sales - Referrals - Service and End-of-Lease automated outreach campaigns to ensure clients are kept close, warm and ready to recycle back into the buying and referral loop.

Client engagement is vital

No matter how much your sales staff try to reach out to your clients, your message is not getting through. Client expectations have changed. Clients now expect a more personalized experience that is authentic and real. Digital outreach alone is overcrowded but it can be successful when paired with tangible outreach in a focused campaign. In fact 30x more successful. Enter KardZee.

We also drive ongoing client referrals. Word of mouth is still the most powerful purchasing influencer with an astounding 92% of people saying they trust a recommendation over any other form of advertising and it is still the leading factor in auto purchases. “As consumers overwhelmed by product choices tune out the ever-growing barrage of traditional marketing, word of mouth cuts through the noise quickly and effectively.” McKinsey & Company

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Basecamp - it all starts here!

KardZee jumpstarts your client engagement with our 60-Day Basecamp Program. We do a Deep Dive into the Dealership CRM and DMS. We integrate with your data providers and then roll out into an agreed number of clients across client Portfolio areas. We continue to engage and nurture those initial Basecamp clients for a year as well as roll out to new clients each month with our ongoing monthly subscription, 'Virtual Joe.' Basecamp has a limited availability each month so secure your brand in your local area.

Just $5 per client per year.

Our Automated Engagement Plans are simple. You choose the number of past clients you want to engage and for just $5.00 per client per year, we engage and nurture them. That's it! It's about loyalty to your company, to your brand, to you. Whether you have 100 clients or 100,000, we can provide the right level of bespoke outreach. This is the lowest cost-to-success ratio lead generation with ROI of up to 1400%.

Do you already do something like this?

The simple answer is NO! We are a unique platform for after-sales engagement. With up to 80% of future sales coming from just 20% of your existing clients, we service the most underperforming area in your Dealership and turn it into Gold. You still need to reach out with your traditional marketing for new leads but do not forget about your existing clients. If you want to keep them you need to engage them . . . NOW.

OEM Co Op Reimbursement

Our programs provide Co Op reibmursement from most OEMs.

Brands we support

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