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We are the No.1 referral platform for tangible and digital outreach. We save you time and help your sales staff get referrals to drive repeat and referral business with ROI of up to 700%. We can Jump Start your retention and referrals with our 60 Day Boot Camp. It works!

Show your clients you appreciate them and they will love you back!

Your clients are valuable resources and have influence to hundreds of friends and family. We help you engage and drive referral sales. Why pay online lead generators to sell you your own clients or their friends?

Word of mouth referrals are still the most powerful purchasing influencer with an astounding 92% of people saying they trust a recommendation over any other form of advertising and it is still the leading factor in auto purchases. “As consumers overwhelmed by product choices tune out the ever-growing barrage of traditional marketing, word of mouth cuts through the noise quickly and effectively.” McKinsey & Company

Our automated programs will save you hundreds of hours, drive dozens of referral sales and provide ROI of +700%. It all starts with our Jump Start Boot Camp for client retention and referral.

Referral Marketing that works!

KardZee uses strategic tangible campaigns supported by digital outreach and social boost to get your message to your most fertile prospects. 82% of buyers are willing to give a referral but only 29% are asked by sales people. We provide perfect tools for initial and ongoing engagement and referral that drives sales. We provide training programs for your Staff as part of our Jump Start Boot Camp.

Remember Joe Girard?

Joe Girard, a Chevrolet salesman from Michigan in the 60s' and 70's, discovered the secret sauce of engagement and became the best car salesman in the world - for 12 consecutive years. Joe sold more than 13,000 cars in 15 years. More than any other person in history and more than the combined sales of most small dealerships. Joe discovered that every client had the potential to directly influence more than 250 friends, family and colleagues.

Joe worked hard at it. Reaching out to thousands of clients with real cards and phone calls takes a lot of hard work, time and commitment so it's understandable that few have matched Joe's success. The Internet and the rise of digital marketing changed the way we engage but Joe's value proposition remains the same today as it did then. Joe loved his clients and he frequently told them and they loved him back with referrals and repeat business.

We have taken Joe's methods of sending real greeting cards with warm handwritten messages and brought them into the 21st Century. Integrated them with digital outreach and social boost. We pass that information onto you so you can sell cars just like Joe did.

Join our Engagement & Referral Basecamp - it all starts here!

Take our 90-Day Basecamp where we work with you and your staff to educate, integrate, manage and grow your referrals and repeat business. We will show you how Joe Girard did it. We provide all the tools and training that will create real referrals, leads and sales.

We don't just sell you a product. We manage the program for you but we do make sure you know everything that is happening. stay with you into the program and onboard you and then prepare different outreaches for you. After Basecamp we work with you to create the best ongoing engagement and referral programs that will return more than 750% ROI and lead to many sales.

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