Bespoke Auto Dealer Client Outreach

Lead Generation from your existing client portfolios and Conquest Outreach at the lowest cost-to-conversion ratio

We are the #1 Omnichannel Auto Engagement Platform driving retention and referral sales across Dealership Client Portfolios. We are lead-gen from your existing database of clients. We focus on New Model Launches - New Sales - Referrals - Service Drive - End-of-Lease and Conquest Outreach Campaigns. We ensure your clients are re-engaged and kept close, warm through our automated outreach and ready to recycle back into the buying and referral loop. We work with your existing Marketing and Advertising campaigns and providers.

Top Reasons to use KardZee for Auto Dealers

First, We are unique. We re-engage clients across each Dealer portfolio to drive Sales & Referrals across Service Drive and End-of-Lease pull ahead. We save time and do what your Sales staff and BDC are too busy to manage - engaging your existing clients so they do not fall thru the cracks and stay engaged.

2. It's fully automated and we do the work for you. Here are four more:

3. Client lead costs per campaign/yr
4. Clients want more than just digital
5. Trust referral over everything else
6. ROI across portfolios

New Model Launch and Conquest Sales

Bespoke - personalized - warm engagement to elevate and drive your test drive pipeline.
We are a simple add-on to your existing marketing and outreach programs

Launching a New Model, especially when you sell several brands, can be daunting. Managing and engaging your existing client base, sending consistent and focused outreach while at the same time, making it personalized and real so your client has an experience. We take boring outreach and make it sexy so your clients are impressed and excited to see what comes next from you. Using our proprietary 6 Touch tangible with digital and social outreach, we use your client base for lead gen. We do everything from the Launch event mailed invitation, to follow-up and continued outreach using texts, surveys, emails and even videos using our automated campaigns.

Luxury Brands

Conquest Brands

Using Omnichannel outreach to capture engagement

6 Touches across different channels with a single focused message highlighting your offer and brand

We start with traditional tangible outreach with a High Quality card embedded with digital and social data points. This elevates your relationship with your client and it makes them warm to your other outreaches such as text and email. We automate this process but still retain the fundamental outreach objectives. We focus on the relevant part of the campaign i.e. - Service Drive, Lease Pull Ahead, New Model Launch, Conquest Sales, Test Drive and - Client Referral CTA. The messages are delivered differently enabling further client sharing through those different channels.

Tangible media that tells a story

Our media is interwoven with technology data points

We are a unique Sandwich of Traditional - Digital and Social Technology that gets thru to your clients more than 87% of the time and are read and responded to more than 67%. But then, those cards become data information sites with embedded functions like VR Anchor points, texting platform and gift card redemption codes, video links, brochure and marketing material and discounts and offers. We push these points to your clients. They are all available depending on the outreach objective from just sending a KardZee Card.

With Co-Op Reimbursement

KardZee provides print and digital outreach programs that sandwiches tangible print campaigns supported by digital and social outreach. We qualify for most Co Op factory reimbursements where available. Here are brands we can seek Co Op reimbursement as well as Data Feed providers for DMS and CRM Integration when required.

And Data feed integrations

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