Client engagement with 6 Touches

Less is more when it is relevant and focused

Clients need to be engaged and nurtured. They want more personalization and relevance but you need to reach out to them across channels and devices.

Our Omnichannel outreach means more than just marketing or engaging thru different devices, it's also about using every channel available to get your focused message across to your clients so they hear, see and remember you. The power of traditional analog using high quality cards and media, pierces thru digital overcrowding and elevates your relationship with your client. Your clients want and expect more. They want personalization and what they accepted as leads no longer works when they become clients. When your client relationship is warm they do listen to digital outreach. And we deliver it with our integrated sandwich technology.

We use a sandwich of compelling technology. A real interactive hi-quality card we print and post, embedded with data points for videos, VR, brochures and images. We use a connsistent message across devices and channels - we get through where most fail.

What People Say