Engaging and nurturing clients is a science - we help you get it right.

High Tech - High Touch automated tangible and digital empathetic engagement platform. We drive revenue, save time and Show your clients the Love.

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Touch is back

There is a growing appetite for the return of touch and tangiblity to support digital outreach. Touch overcomes that sea of digital white noise that stops our important digital messages being seen and heard. We help you choose the right approaches to engage and nurture from our KardZee App, API or desktop platforms.
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How we do it

We help you engage and nurture relationships with warm cards, media and gifts supported by digital outreach and social boost. Our campaigns are reviewed for client satisfaction.

We help you Show the Love for relationships that matter. Send meaningful, unexpected and personalized cards, media and gifts with warm handwritten messages. You can encourage and inspire, congratulate and reward, say thank-you, happy birthday or happy anniversary, offer support and friendship. Create warm cards that engage and nurture your business relationships and your important personal life-connecting moments.

Real cards and media we print and mail for you.

This is a product I can see every single Agent in the country using.

Drew Meyers, Geek Estate Blogger at Inman Connect 2017.
[Referring to KardZee Real Estate Products]

We use automated strategic B2B tangible and digital engagement and nurturing campaigns that have value and meaning.

Our automated campaigns use real cards and media we print and mail for you supported by digital outreach and social boost. We help you capture, nurture and engage clients for success, retention, repeat and referral business. KardZee works for any business and personal relationship.

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You can add real Gifts and Gift Cards that are printed directly onto your KardZee from your App.

Sending a real Gift Card or Gift as a Thank You or present? We can make it easy for you - just choose a gift or gift card that's added with a tap of your mobile screen. Card and Gift in one step. Gift Cards can be redeemed with the code sent to your Phone Wallet and Gifts sent with a simple text to our text platform. KardZee Gift Cards are redeemable for Cash sent to your iPhone Pay or Google Wallet. Safe and secure.

KardZees have warm and responsive handwritten messages digitally captured from your mobile screen or tablet.

We capture and save your own real handwriting from your mobile screen or tablet with just some simple sentences. You can write warm and meaningful messages in any language. Tangible cards with handwritten messages are retained longer, mean more and have a larger referral rate.

We provide Digital Outreach & Social Boost with automated SMS and Email content and scripting plus e-Card upload to Social walls to boost your branding and profile.

Our strategic campaigns for tangible cards and media are supported by digital outreach and social boost. We provide automated SMS and Email scripting, content and reminders to ensure client engagement and nurturing. Outreach includes education, product relevance, local information and simple fun. We then lift cards and outreach to client social walls to increase brand and profile.

You can use KardZee on any device with our Mobile APP, API and Web Server.

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