Mobile gifting, real cards & tangible media.

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Send a KardZee for personal and business!

It's a mobile iOS App for personal users and a Web-Service for enterprise.

"Real tangible cards and media created on your mobile, tablet or Web Server that we print and mail for you - anywhere, anytime."

Touch is one of our primary senses and KardZee caters to our increased appetite for tangible objects. Consumers want real cards that they can touch and feel but with the ease and speed of a mobile platform. Businesses want a simple solution to the white-noise of digital marketing, so we help them stand out. Receiving real printed and mailed cards, with a message in the sender's own handwriting increases perceived value and creates warmth. Whether its a personal card or a tailored marketing message, it is noticed by the receiver.

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Real cards for every occasion!

Gift Cards, Greeting Cards, Postcards, Thank You Notes and Invitations for B2B and B2C

"Use your own images to create cards or our KardZee galleries"

We all have recurring obligations for our important life-connecting moments. Birthdays, anniversaries and important dates like Mother's Day and Valentine's Da,y when we need to send more than just a text, a tweet or an email. These are the occasions when the important people in our life need tangible gifts and sentiments that they can touch and keep.

  • Postcards

    Traveling somewhere awesome? Send a postcard wherever you are. Snap a photo and turn it into a postcard and send it to Mom or Dad, friends or and work colleagues.

  • Greeting Cards

    Send real Greeting Cards with handwritten messages for every occasion and event for your important and personal recurring life-connecting moments.

  • Thank-You Notes

    Say Thank You with a range of KardZee specialty cards or you can make your own. And add a Gift Card for that special thanks.

  • Invitations

    Send invitations to friends, family and colleagues for formal and fun occasions. Range of card styles and shapes.

It's mobile gifting made easy!

Add digital gifts and gift cards

"Add a Gift Card or Gift that is printed directly onto your KardZee and redeemed into your mobile wallet!"

90% of people have responded that they prefer Gift Cards as a gift. KardZee provides different options for you to send gift cards and gifts that the receiver can shop with, keep in their digital wallet or even exchange for cash. When you create a KardZee, just add a gift card that is printed onto your KardZee. Redeeming is simple - just text 'Redeem' to 28553' and we send the card code to the recipient's phone wallet.

  • Add Amazon Gift Card

    Send a virtual Amazon Gift Card - $25 to $2,000 printed onto your KardZee . . .

  • Add Major Brand Cards

    Send a virtual card for Major Brands onto your KardZee . . .

  • Send a Gift

    We send real Gifts for you anywhere, anytime . . .

  • Text 28553 to Redeem

    Redeem Gifts and Gift Cards from out texting platform . . .

It's your own real handwriting!

KardZee learns your handwriting in any language

"Real cards with messages in your own real handwriting created on your mobile or tablet."

Write a message in your own handwriting - without even picking up a pen! Our App learns your handwriting so your messages reflect the real you. After KardZee creates your own personal Font, you can type or talk-to-text to create your message. And there is more - you can also use our Draw mode to write or draw messages and we even have existing handwriting fonts if you do not like your own.

It's crafting made simple

Add wallpapers and digital pitcure frames

"Add wallpapers to the inside of cards and virtual picture frames around images and photographs"

  • Add Frames

    Virtual Card Frames to print around your photos and images . . .

  • Add Wallpapers

    Wallpapers and Theme Designs to bring the inside of your cards to life . . .

  • Add colors to inside

    Adding colored panels makes your cards fun and change from boring white . . .

  • Chose our Sentiments

    Sentiments and Sayings to help you express how you feel . . .

Create a KardZee!

It's the mobile way to make fun personal cards instantly

Download KardZee App by texting 'App' on your iPhone to 28553.

KardZee Enterprise

It's a business marketing tool using tangible media to help you stand out from the crowd

KardZee has great B2B and B2C products delivered by App and Web-Service

Use KardZee to provide tangible products to reward employees and clients, promote loyalty and incentives. KardZee will help your business message stand-out against the white-noise of digital marketing with tangible products and media for direct mailing. We have Tier pricing models where you can create and send KardZee cards with Coupons and simple API integrations. Contact us for Tier Pricing quotes and further Enterprise information.

Real printed and mailed tangible media that works . . .

And the numbers for printed media speaks for themselves . . .

And some great global B2B partners