Engage and nurture personal and business relationships with real cards, media and gifts.

Relationships matter: We are Instagram meets Hallmark

Show the Love with real cards that warm hearts and retain clients.

At KardZee we make beautiful cards and media that encourage and inspire, congratulate and reward, say thank-you, happy birthday or happy anniversary, offer support and friendship. We help you create warm messages that engage and nurture your business relationships and your important personal life-connecting moments. We help you Show the Love.

Real cards warm hearts... media that engages and nurtures

This is a product I can see every single Agent in the country using.

Drew Meyers, Geek Estate Blogger at Inman Connect 2017.
[Referring to KardZee Real Estate Products]

Cards, Gifts and Media

Engage and nurture clients with strategic tangible and digital engagement campaigns that work

It's not about how often you repeat a message that it gets noticed! Remember, your mother did that. It's about what you say, when you say it, and how you say that it becomes effective. Our campaigns are automated, tailored and specific to each client's needs. We provide cards, gifts, content, sentiments and a strong step-by-step plan for success. You stand out and you get remembered for all the right reasons. We unlock the mystery for you.

Warm messages in your own handwriting

We capture your own real handwriting from your mobile screen or tablet with just some simple sentences. You can write warm and meaningful messages in any language. Your own real handwriting font all from your phone.

Adding real Gifts and Gift Cards makes your KardZee special

Sending a real Gift Card or Gift? We can make it easy for you - just choose a gift or gift card and add it with a tap of your mobile screen. Gift Cards can be redeemed and Gift sent with a simple text to our text platform. Safe and secure.

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