We help you overcome a sea of digital white noise that drowns out your messages.

We drive customer retention and employee engagement with tangible media. Real cards and marketing collateral. Whether its helping your message stand out from the competition or sending a warm and personal message to friends and family. KardZee works!

On-demand tangible media and cards for business and consumers from a single source platform.

Create media that stands out from the competition, enhance customer success and retention, client engagement and employee incentives. By creating and sending traditional printed cards and marketing collateral, then adding gift cards and gifts with warm handwritten messages you overcome the white-noise of digital messages and communications. Created and sent quickly and easily with our single source media platform.

Tangible cards and media increases perceived value and worth.

Our media platform creates and sends cards for these types of messages.

KardZee is about the personal touch.

Our Patent-Pending single source mobile, API and Web Service Platform capitalizes on our increased appetite for tangible products. 'Touch' adds perceived value and worth to any communication. They get noticed and last much longer than digital messages.

You can create and send a KardZee for any purpose but we focus on these industries for B2B campaigns. Click the image to learn more:

Real printed and mailed cards that work. Build your message with our great product features:

KardZee has great features to make your messages stand out.

Your own real handwriting: You can write personal messages in your real handwriting in any language. We capture and learn your handwriting from our Mobile App and you can use it on any device when creating cards. Add a Gift Card or Gift: We convert digital Gift Cards into real ones by printing them onto your card. We also print Gift icons onto the card that are redeemed via our Texting platform. Add your corporate information to cards: Upload logos, branding, brochures, videos, marketing images and personal collateral like your business cards.

Producing great media like this:

And the numbers for success, referral and experience marketing media speaks for itself.

B2B Testimonials

Nick White, Sales Director, Sales Bootcamp

"KardZee is a great opportunity for Customer Success Teams to deepen customer relationships, increase customer retention rate and increase NPS (Net Promoter Score). Retaining customers and having them feel special and stay engaged is a challenge. KardZee is the personal touch that companies need to stay ahead."

Ken Welch, VP Global Operations, P2M - Carlton Group Limited

"Power2Motivate is one of the world's leading Incentive Marketing and Employee Engagement Platforms. We have more than 750 global clients, with many Fortune 500 organizations. By integrating with the KardZee platform to send rewards, loyalty and incentive cards, we see KardZee as a differentiator between ourselves and our competitors for delivery of product to clients."

We have great global B2B partners